welcome to my page

I'm Clio, a realist painter creating bold, textured art as well as an energetic, curious student at UC Berkeley. I love creating art and traveling.  I am inspired by the places I have traveled, the different cultures I have experienced, and the incredible people I have met. I view life as an adventure and seek to make the most out of the experiences I embark on.  I have also lived as an exchange student in both Germany and Japan. 

artistic inspiration

Through my colorful realistic paintings, I explore themes of self-discovery and growth. My greatest goal is to convey the beauty of life. I therefore paint using the richness of colors, light manipulation, and heavy textures to highlight life's beautiful people and experiences. For me, painting is a reminder and expression of happiness and positivity, and I eagerly showcase these attributes in my work. 


Through my pieces, I hope for you to appreciate the little details which are often overlooked in everyday life. 

how i got started

Art can be appreciated universally, and I love to foster community and bring people together through my creative works. By the time I was seventeen, my pieces were being featured at over ten museums and juried exhibitions across the United States, and I had received about twenty first place awards.


In my first year of college at UC Berkeley, I started selling my handmade origami earrings, inspired by my time when I lived in Japan as an exchange student. While managing my own creative small business, I realized how much I enjoyed sharing my art with people I knew and got to connect through my brand. This sense of connection is core to my vision as an artist, and today as a fine artist I pioneer relationships through my work and collaborate with people to bring their creative visions to life.