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welcome to my page

I'm inspired by the places I travel to, the different cultures I experience, and the incredible people I meet.

I grew up in the Sacramento area, where I hiked and swam in the small waterfalls, rivers, and lakes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I valued this expansive backyard as both beautifully calming and ripe with opportunity for adventurous exploration. This bred my affinity for painting mountains and lakes. These paintings are memories of my own experiences whose narrative I revisit with my own brush.

I have painted at a professional level for eight years. In high school, my fine art was featured in ten juried exhibitions and national museums, receiving over fifteen first place level awards. Now, I am senior at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration and Data Science. I paint and manage my art business Creations by Clio part time. After graduation I will continue to create and sell my art.

I also enjoy learning languages to connect with people in different cultures. I've lived with a host family and attended high school in Germany and Japan, an experience that inspired this brand.

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artistic inspiration

My artwork is inspired by family history and cultural experiences living in Germany and Japan. I love painting because I can express myself, evoke a particular emotion, and share my art with people, so we can all enjoy it together. That’s the power of art. It connects us.

That was how I started making origami earrings as well.

Through my artworks, I express the beauty of life. I believe that life is beautiful because of the depth and variability of the emotions we experience. I focus on conveying the universal human emotions that connect us together: love, trauma, grief, loss, hope, happiness, and vulnerability. I highlight these tender emotions through vigorous, textured brushstrokes.

My paintings contend with the feelings universal to humankind. Each piece of art is a visual story of the raw human emotion. My art is centered around the belief that it is the range of feelings we allow ourselves to experience which make us human; it is part of life to experience the highs and the lows, the love and the sadness. In a way, that depth is beautiful in itself, because of this powerful ability to feel and convey these experiences with people. 

how i got started

Art can be appreciated universally, and I love to foster community and bring people together through my creative works. By the time I was seventeen, my pieces were being featured at over ten museums and juried exhibitions across the United States, and I had received about twenty first place awards.


In my first year of college at UC Berkeley, I started selling my handmade origami earrings, inspired by my time when I lived in Japan as an exchange student. While managing my own creative small business, I realized how much I enjoyed sharing my art with people I knew and got to connect through my brand. This sense of connection is core to my vision as an artist, and today as a fine artist I pioneer relationships through my work and collaborate with people to bring their creative visions to life.  

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